New "Tips" Document - Document names and descriptions for external use

  • Good Afternoon @Manufacturer and @Agency

    With the increase in digital activities and the transitioning of pieces from print to digital or from digital tools to attached digital downloads, clients increasingly find themselves wanting to add tool names and descriptions at some point in the future therefore triggering the need for submission of an APS update.

    With this in mind, PAAB would like to encourage clients to include this information in their initial submission copy deck template moving forward EVEN if there is no immediate plan to include the tool in a digital platform. Note that PAAB will not be requiring this (although we strongly encourage this as it benefits you). By engaging in this best practice, you enable the PAAB to review the document name (for external use) and description within the review of the original tool. This will help to reduce turnaround times during future submissions where the addition of document names and descriptions are required. This may be of particular importance as these submissions tend to be time sensitive, such as conference booth attachments. In some instances, it will even negate the need for PAAB re-submission (e.g., when simply adding to a list of tools on a third-party platform repository of pharma-generated tools for download in a plain text context, which has been predefined such as eCPS)

    You can view the full “Tips” document here