39 - Are we required to send material on disease awareness to the PAAB, even if there is no product metnion? Is there a distinction if it is leave behind vs. non-leave behind (eg, a detail piece on hypertension and the MOA of how a therapetuic class works)?

  • PAAB Code section covers editorial pieces generated by a pharmaceutical company. That means the piece would not exist without the pharma company's financial involvement. The PAAB reviews editorial pieces where healthcare products are mentioned. See Code s7.8. Therefore, if you are talking about mechanism of action of how a therapeutic class works, and the piece is sponsored by a healthcare product manufacturer, I would say that would require PAAB review because it would be difficult not to allude to the sponsor's product and it would appear to promote the sale of that product indirectly. See Code s11.1 for a definition of "advertising" applicable to the PAAB code. Section 1 describes the scope of the PAAB Code. Editorial pieces about disease awareness that do not mention healthcare products directly or indirectly through class would be exempt from PAAB review. Keep in mind bundling that type of piece with product advertising would make the whole thing "advertising" subject to the regulations. There is no distinction between a leave behind and non leave behind with respect to the requirements of the PAAB Code of Advertising Acceptance.