715 - Hi, I'm from the Arthritis Society. I have a company that is currently developing a product; in phase 2. They want to support/sponsor one of our tool in a field that is relevant to their upcoming indication. Content and material will be elaborate by the Society without any interference by the pharma company. Would that interfere with any regulation in Canada. If so, which one? Thanks Ken Gagnon kgagnon@arthritis.ca

  • The content and message of the piece that they are planning to sponsor/support would dictate the acceptability of the activity. If the content speaks to therapy, it should be reviewed to ensure that there is no competitive bias or off-label content. For example, if the piece were to discuss modulating a pathway for which there are no approved drugs with that specific mechanism of action, this would be deemed pre-NOC advertising and would not be acceptable. As such, we suggest that this type of content be reviewed as an opinion, to ensure that the content meets the regulations.