305 - For search engine marketing, our researcher has indicated the French speaking and English speaking Canada use different vocabulary when searching for our therapeutic disease sites or product web sites. We have traditionally had our PAAB approved Search Ads and keywords directly translated from English into French and then submitted the French for Approval.

  • It is reasonable to provide latitude for slight deviation between English and French keywords (i.e. the English and French keywords don't have to match 100%) provided that the overall theme is the same. However, if the gap between English and French is so wide as to essentially represent two different reviews, our admin team will simply instruct you to separate the two languages into to submissions (i.e. two $390 base fees rather than one $450 base fee). Note that although the rationale you provided could be argued to apply to many other types of APS, this latitude would not apply more broadly. The nature of the keywords assessment simply lends itself quite well to this flexibility. Note that the generated description should be a direct translation.